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How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Extra Settings continues with the following options messages, design, settings and publish.

Tip: Remember the following settings are entered in the language of your choice.

How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Tutorials:

How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Extra Settings Steps

1 ) The following image Messages allows you to set up the follow up messages. This message will be linked to your form.


  • Subject
  • HTML Message
  • Templates


2 ) The following images allow you to set up the form Design.


The following image allows you to select from many pre-designed templates. You can also select from your own template designed.


  • Popular
  • New
  • My Templates
  • Show More

set-up-aweber-in-another-language-design-form -layout

3 ) The following image Settings allows you to set up the following.

Important: You need to create a custom page and enter the URL link. The custom page is created only if you have already created some list in English.

Basic Settings:

  • Form Name
  • Facebook Integration (Optional)
  • Thank You Page
  • Already Subscribed Page


4 ) Next you can Publish the form. See image below.

Important: Remember to save the form or else it will not be published.


Once the form is published you need to copy and paste the code into your WordPress website. And that is all you need to do. You now have your aweber subscription set up in another language.

If you have any questions or comments post them here.

Good luck

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