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Last Updated: March 03, 2015

How To Set Up aweber In Another Language focuses on WordPress but it can also be applied to other CMS or a plain HTML website

Latest News: I have updated the affiliated link. 

Before we go ahead I am not responsible or cannot be held liable if anything goes wrong while following this tutorial.

Aweber is not designed for other languages except English and Aweber cannot be held responsible in any way for my tutorial.

Tip: Remember the following settings are entered in the language of your choice.

How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Tutorials:

How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Steps

1 ) You have to create an aweber (Affiliated Link) account before you begin. See image  below.


2 ) Next step is to setup a list of subscribers, you can name this list what ever you want. See image below.


3 ) The following image Basic Settings allows you to set up the list basic settings.

Basic Information:

  • List Name
  • List Description
  • From Name
  • Address
  • Contact Address


4 ) The following image Personalize Your List allows you to set up the following option.

Company Branding:

  • Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Email Signature
  • You can also upload a Logo image

set-up-aweber-in-another-language-personalize-settings - Copy

5 ) The following image Confirmed Opt-In allows you to set up the following options.

Your Confirmation Message:

  • Edit Subject
  • Edit Introduction


Click on the following URL How To Set Up Aweber In Another Language Extra Settings to continue with the set up.

If you have any questions or comments post them here.

Good luck

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  2 Responses to “How To Set Up aweber In Another Language”

  1. Hello Manuel,

    I don’t understand how this is a set up for an Aweber autoresponder “in another language.”

    I’m sorry. Did I miss something?

    This seems like a normal (English) set up. If I wanted to do an all-Spanish sequence (including the confirmation instructions), it is my understanding that Aweber doesn’t support that.

    Is that correct?

    • Hello Eddie thank you for your question. If you follow my instructions and fill out the fields in another language you will not have a problem. Yes, aweber don’t support another language at the present, unless they have implemented this feature after I created this tutorial. There is another company “Mailchimp” that supports many languages.

      I hope this helps you with your question. If you have anymore information that you require please let me know.

      Kind regards

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