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WP Simple Shopping Cart Basic Shortcode Inserter post shows you how to use TinyMCE shortcode inserter to add shortcodes to your posts/pages.

Last Updated: September 4, 2023

Latest News: Updated the documentation.

Most people are aware of shortcodes and sometimes find it very challenging to remember how to add the shortcode to a page or post. Version 4.3.6 has added the ability to insert a shortcode using TinyMCE shortcode inserter. In this post I will be showing you how to easy it is to insert basic shortcodes into your pages or posts.

What you need:

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WP Simple Shopping Cart Basic Shortcode Inserter

Step 1 ) Click on the WP Cart Shortcode icon in the editor as illustrated in the image below.


Step 2 ) The following image shows you the shortcode inserter. It allows you to edit the following fields.

Note: When creating a new order an Order ID: number will be given to the new order.

WP Cart Insert Shortcode

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Shipping (Optional)
  • File URL (Optional)

Product Variations (Optional)

  • Variation 1: Name
  • Variation 2: Name
  • Variation 3: Name


Step 3 ) The following is an example of a shortcode created using the shortcode inserter and inserted into a post.

WP Cart Insert Shortcode

  • Product Name = Apples
  • Price = $25
  • Shipping (Optional) = $2.50
  • File URL (Optional)

Product Variations (Optional)

  • Variation 1: Name = Red – Small, Medium, Large
  • Variation 2: Name = Green – Small, Medium, Large
  • Variation 3: Name


Step 3-a ) The following image shows you the add to cart shortcode inserted into the post. I have also added the shopping cart short underneath the add to cart shortcode.

Note: Remember to add the following shortcode [ always_show_wp_shopping_cart] to the post or page if you are not using the shopping cart widget.


Step 3-b ) The following image shows you the add to cart button on the website front page and Your Cart is empty message.



I hope the simple steps above helps you use the basic shortcode inserter.

Click on the following link Troubleshooting to learn more.

I will be updating this post from time to time. So keep coming back for more.


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