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WordPress Simple Membership Form Builder shows you how to create custom membership forms and add the shortcode to your website.

Last Updated: March 4, 2019

Latest News: I fixed a broken link.

There are times when you need to add extra fields to your membership forms. This post shows you how to set up the necessary tools needed for you to start building custom forms.

Form Builder add-on current version 4.5.2, checked on the April 21, 2018. If you don’t have the latest version then click on the following URL re-download-the-purchased-addons to download the latest.

Note: When you install the Form Builder Add-on, if you have enabled Free Membership in the Settings you will need to create a new Free membership form.

Add-ons Needed:

WordPress Simple Membership Form Builder Steps

Step 1 ) Install the Form Builder add-on you downloaded from the URL above.

Note: Check the following URL how-to-install-wordpress-plugins to learn about how to install a plugin or addon.

Step 2 ) Go to WP Membership -> Form Builder to create new forms. You will also notice that I have also added the Form Shortcode add-on.   wordpress-simple-membership-form-builder-menu

Step 3 ) Click on New Form tab to create a new form. The following image displays the fields you need to fill out and the options you need to select to create the new form.

  • Name the form
  • Type of the form = In this example I selected Registration form.
  • Membership level = In this example I selected Silver membership level.
  • Click on Create Form button to begin.

Note: Once you assigned this form to a membership level, when you create your buy now PayPal button for the same level it will display this form.


Step 4 ) The following image displays the Standard form fields you can use to create your form.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Profile Image


Step 4-a ) The following image Custom tab display the extra custom fields you can use to expand your form.

  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Date
  • URL
  • Number
  • Phone
  • File Upload
  • Textarea
  • Radio
  • Address
  • Email
  • Currency
  • Time
  • HTML
  • Instructions
  • Member ID


Step 4-b ) The following image displays the settings you can configure and set up for a Text field added to a form.

Form Text Field Settings

  • Name
  • Description
  • Text
  • Validation
  • Required
  • Size
  • Field Layout
  • Read Only
  • Show to Admin Only
  • Default Value
  • CSS Classes
  • You can Delete any custom field added to a form. But you can’t delete any standard field added.

Note: Some fields might not have the same list of settings available for customization as above.


Settings Confirmation

Note: The following two steps are not available when someone signs up as a free member unless you have the Form Builder add-on.

Step 5 ) The following image Settings -> Confirmation allows you to set up the following features after someone submits a form.

  • Text
  • Page
  • Redirect


Settings Notification

Step 6 ) The following image Settings -> Notification allows you to enable, Send Confirmation Email to User. This is very important if you want the member to receive an e-mail letting them know that their subscription has been approved and they can sign up.


Step 7 ) The following image Form List tab displays the list of forms created using the add-on. In this example I created 2 new Registration Forms. Each form created has a unique Form name, Form ID and each belong to a Membership Level. The Form Builder add-on also created a unique Profile Form for each registration form created.


In regards to the above forms created, if you want to use any of the forms for Free registration you can use the following add-on Form Shortcode mentioned earlier or add the corresponding shortcode to a page or post for each form you create. (Remember in your website your forms ID will be different)

Free Registration Form Shortcodes

  • For the Silver Level the shortcode is [ swpm_registration_form level=10]
  • For the Free Level the shortcode is [ swpm_registration_form level=6].
    Note: for the Free membership form you don’t have to add the level=6 because this is already added in the plugins Settings under Free Membership Level ID. The default shortcode [ swpm_registration_form] created when you install the plugin will work as well.

Note: For every registration form you create the plugin will also create a profile form. Every registration form must have a unique profile form as well or else you will receive error messages. If the profile form is not created you need to create one yourself. The Simple Membership plugin already creates the profile page for you when you install and activate the plugin. The shortcode it adds to the profile page is [ swpm_profile_form ]. You don’t have to edit or change this shortcode. The plugin knows which member has logged in. It will pull the correct profile per membership level. For paid membership the shortcode would look something like the following [ swpm_payment_button id=8100](Remember in your payment button id will be different)

I hope my information above helps you. More instructions coming soon.

Click on the following URL Custom Message Add-on to continue.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will be updating this tutorial from time to time.


Simple Membership Plugin Tutorial List:

Manuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

  32 Responses to “WordPress Simple Membership Form Builder”

  1. Thank you for this tutorial. If you have custom forms for two different membership levels, how would you insert the shortcode into the update profile page? Would you simply edit your /membership-login/membership-profile/ page so that it has more than one shortcode, such as…

    [ swpm_registration_form level=3]
    [ swpm_registration_form level=4]

    I think I’m a little confused when it comes to the update profile one…

    • Hi Ginger, thank you for your question. I have updated my tutorial to improve the information as per your question above. I noticed I had some discrepancies in the above information. If you read my tutorial again you will notice the changes towards the end. The add-on creates the profile automatically for you. You don’t have to add any code for the profile. The plugin knows which profile to pull based on the member that logs in. I hope now this much clear for you.

      • I found your edit helpful. I also learned that it is NECESSARY to create a custom form for every single level, regardless of whether you “need” one.

        Then, the only code that is necessary to be placed in the profile page is [swpm_profile_form]. I thought you had to place a different code pertaining to each level, but you don’t.

        Thank you for your help!

  2. Have you ever figured out a way to copy a form? I pretty much need the same form with minor differences, but can’t see a way to copy it in the plugin.


    • Hi Steve, there use to be a feature Duplicate that allowed you to duplicate a form. I think the developer has removed it for now because it was causing problems. I am not sure if it will be added in the future. Unfortunately for now you will have to create a new form and add the fields similar to your other forms.

  3. Do you have any experience with embedding the registration shortcode is a lightbox? I can embed it, but on registration, it just refreshes the page, rahter than showing the normal “please login” page.

    • Hi Lou, thank you for your question. Does the lightbox plugin allow you to embed a shortcode?

      • Thanks for the reply! Yes, the shortcode works properly too. It’s just the link action (when I click submit) that behaves differently. Any ideas?

        • Hi Lou, do you know if you have a plugin that might interfere with the link action? Have you tested this using different browsers?

          • I have, but haven’t been able to isolate the issue. I don’t think it’s a plugin conflict. If it is, what’s the best way to sniff it out? PS – if you want to email me directly at I’d be overjoyed! Thanks for your help in advance.

          • Sure Lou no problem.

  4. When a new registration form is created and saved it creates the corresponding profile form with the same fields. However, it seems that when the registration form is edited/altered and saved it does not update the profile form so then all the changes need to be reapplied there. Is there a simpler way to update the profile form when the registration form is edited?

    • Hi Shawn, thank you for your question. What you can do is delete the profile form and create a new profile form for the corresponding registration form. This will make sure the profile form has all the new fields included. Also what version of the Form Builder Add-on do you have installed?

  5. Is there a simple way to update the profile form when the registration form is edited? It seems that any changes to the registration form need to be manually applied to the profile form.

  6. Contemplating purchasing this addon but am unclear on how the verification functionality works. Do you have any screenshots or insight on what level of verification can be configured into this plugin?

    • Hi, Dan what kind of information would you like to know about the verification process? Can you provide some sort of example of what you are trying to achieve?

      Thank you

      • Hello, I also want more information about verification functionality. After signup user should verify his email, then only he would be able to login in my case

        • Hi Shweta, are you referring to the Free or paid membership sign up? You can click on the following URL registration process overview to learn more.

          In the above URL link the following part is different between free and paid.

          Paid = After payment the user receives an e-mail with a special link that the user clicks on to complete the registration for the paid level.

          Free = When registration is completed the free membership account is created.

          I hope this helps you.

          Kind regards

      • Hi
        I want user to do email verification before logging in for first time after registration.

        Is this plugin have this feature?


  7. I have been trying to upload files from the registration form but I cannot find them! The registration completes but the files are not attached to the membership record. Can you tell me where these files are going and how I can access them?



    • Hi Chris, what version of the Form Builder add-on do you have installed?

      • Thanks for the quick response! I am using version 4.1. I just installed it.

        I finally found the files in the media library. Now I have two other questions. Is there some way to label the file with information about the person who uploaded it? For example, I would like to have the file name in include their name as well as their internal userid. if possible. These files are being uploaded from the registration form.

        My second question — and this is kind of embarrassing! — is how do I download the files so I can manipulate them once they have been uploaded?

        • Hi, I am glad you found the uploaded files in your Media admin area. The easiest method to download any media file is to navigate to your Media tab. Then locate the file you wish to edit or view and click on the file so that it opens up for editing. On the top right hand corner you will the File URL path. copy and paste that URL on a new tab in your browser. Then simply download from the browser.

          Let me know if you need more help.

  8. Hi,

    When I change the Membership Level, specific 2 items do not take over the value and left blank.
    I check several times that the fields of “Registration form” and “Profile form” of the different two (All and Gold, in our service) Membership Level are same. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Ken, can you share how you changed your membership levels? Did you recreate your forms? Do you have a cache plugin? If you do can you delete your cache and also your browser cache? Does this solve your issue?

  9. Buenos días Manuel, soy bastante nuevo en esto de las membresias y el problema que tengo es que solamente hablo castellano y de ingles nada de nada.
    Me podrías indicar si existe algun tutorial de Simple Membersip en español.
    Te lo pregunto porque tengo problemas a la hora de liberalizar material al finalizar el mes.
    Te explico el problema que tengo: la membresia que estoy creando va a ser un pago recurrente mes tras mes.
    Si una persona entre en enero tiene un material visible, cuando paga febrero liberalizo mas material y asi sucesivamente.
    Pero claro si uno entra en marzo y paga tiene acceso a el material de tres meses.
    Hay alguna forma de liberar material para el que paga por ejemplo en marzo solamente tenga acceso al material del primer mes.
    No se si me habre expresado bien para explicartelo.
    Quedo a la espera de tus noticias.
    Que tengas un excelente día.
    Un cordial saludo.

  10. Is there any way to notify the admin when the user fills out the form? I have custom fields in the form that I need sent via email to our treasurer who would not have access to our WP back-end. I tried adding the custom fields into the Settings>Email Settings>Admin Notification Email but the fields don’t populate.

    • Hi Janet, are you talking about notifying an admin after the registration is complete? Currently custom fields cannot be added in the area you mentioned.


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