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WordPress SEO Framework Extension Manager will add more power and control over The SEO Framework. It is a must have extension.

Last Updated: April 20, 2018

Latest News: I have updated the documentation below.

Sybre Waaijer has done it again with this extension. He truly is going to bring a great SEO service to the WordPress community.

The SEO Framework Extension Manager brings so much control over the The SEO Framework. This will allow you to add extra tools, services Free or Premium. Purchasing the Pro services and addons will depend on your needs and your website. The Free version is powerful on its own. Expect more addons to be added in the future.


The SEO Framework – Extension Manager changelog 1.5.0

New Extensions:

  • Focus: This free extension guides you through the process of writing quality content with focus keywords, inflections, and synonyms.

Important notes:

  1. This plugin now requires WordPress 4.6 or later, or it will deactivate itself.
  2. This plugin now requires The SEO Framework 2.8 or later, or it will stay dormant.
  3. This plugin no longer supports IE11 and Safari 9, or earlier.

Plugin Improvements:

  • Added: Extensions no longer load when they’re deemed incompatible due to WordPress’ environmental changes to ensure stability.
  • Added: Extensions can now add in-post options in predefined tabs (Structure, Audit, and Advanced).
  • Added: The plugin and extensions can now upgrade their database for future improvements when necessary.
  • Added: The plugin and extensions can now abstractly tell time, like AI human would.
  • Added: The plugin and extensions can now prevent memory exhaustion prior executing heavy tasks.
  • Added: Enhanced Microsoft Edge and iOS touch support, like momentum scrolling.
  • Added: Filter tsf_extension_manager_can_manage_options, boolean, expects value of current_user_can().
  • Changed: The extension manager pages have been modernized, standardized, and now have vastly improved rendering time. No more screen detection is required through the magic of flex.
  • Changed: Form iterations now have 10 seconds to load, instead of 5. This means more Local SEO departments can be loaded at once and timeouts should occur less often.
  • Improved: Users can now reactivate their account after migrating sites or changing security keys without a hassle.
  • Improved: External links (e.g. to Google and TSF sites) are no longer traceable.
  • Improved: Suppressed AJAX error messages now display at least the intended error code for support.
  • Improved: The plugin can now deactivate itself on activation when running PHP 5.2, rather than WordPress doing it for us.
  • Improved: The plugin’s bootstrap has been rewritten to be more efficient, faster, and easier to maintain.
  • Improved: The extension option database entries will now be deleted when no indexes are present.
  • Improved: Various UI elements now fit more neatly on some screens.
  • Improved: When an extension’s class autoloader can’t be registered, the extension in question fails safely.
  • Improved: The new-and-improved tooltip generation of TSF 3.0 has been implemented and improved further upon.
  • Improved: Reduced floating operations required on various browser painting operations, for a smoother experience.
  • Improved: Added various accessibility improvements, like focus highlighting.
  • Fixed: When domains mismatch on switching sites, you’re now correctly informed again.
  • Fixed: Some array to object conversions in the schema packer caused invalid input data from Local SEO not to be parsed through conditions correctly and caused several PHP warnings instead.
    • Because the affected condition checking happens through conditional HTML5 input fields and JavaScript for improved UX, this didn’t cause unexpected output because the user couldn’t save anyway.
    • No action is required from the user.
  • Fixed: When you’re requesting for geocoding services too rapidly (e.g. in Local SEO), you’re now correctly notified.
  • Fixed: Various browser rendering glitches have been ironed out, like changing borders on “missile switch cover”-buttons.
  • Removed: Legacy browser support. Supporting less than 1% of the users is no excuse for hindering the other 99%.

API changes:

  • External:
    • We now provide lexical services.
    • Our Geocoding services now accepts street entries without numbers, the effectiveness might vary based on secondary input.

Updated Extensions:

What You Need:

WordPress SEO Framework Extension Manager Steps

Step 1 ) Once you have installed the extension you will notice a sub-menu under SEO. See image below.


Step 2 ) The following SEO Extensions image allows you to click on the following buttons and links.

SEO Extensions

  • Click on Go Premium button.
  • Click on Enable feed? button.


Account and Actions

Step 3 ) The following image Account and Actions display the following information. You can also click on the following support buttons.

Account information

  • Account level:
  • Valid for:

Upgrade your account

  • License key
  • License email

Get support

  • Click on Free Support button.
  • Click on Premium Support button.

Disconnect account

  • Click on Disconnect button.


Local And Focus Extensions

Step 4 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Local And Focus Extensions

  • Local = Premium
  • Focus = Free + Premium


AMP And Articles Extensions

Step 5 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

AMP And Articles Extensions

  • AMP = Free
  • Articles = Free


Monitor – beta And Incognito Extensions

Step 6 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Monitor – beta And Incognito Extensions

  • Monitor – beta = Premium
  • Incognito = Free


Honeypot And Origin Extensions

Step 7 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Honeypot And Origin Extensions

  • Honeypot = Free
  • Origin = Free


Title Fix Extension

Step 8 ) The following image shows allows you to set up the following extensions.

Title Fix Extension

  • Title Fix = Free


This extension is growing and more addons will be added in the future.

Click on the following URL Posts Metabox Settings to learn more.

If you have any questions please let me know.


The SEO Framework Plugin Tutorial List:

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