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How To Repair WordPress Broken Links guides you and helps you stay on top of your websites by helping you repair any broken links found.

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Latest News: Updated the documentation.


You might not want to use a plugin especially if you run your site in a shared server or your account has limited resources. The following Windows based free tool will help you detect and find all your broken links. I have used this tool in the past and I still use it from time to time Xenu. This tool is free to use. You can download the beta version which is the one I use.

There are other ways to monitor your broken links. The following is a list of tools and online websites you can use to check for websites broken links.

Broken Link Checker version 1.11.16 changelog

  • Enhance compatibility with PHP 8
  • Enhance compatibility with WordPress 5.8
  • Remove donation links and adds

Broken Link Checking Tools:

  1. brokenlinkcheck = This is an online service that works very well for you. The best part about this service is that it uses it’s own server to check for any broken links in your site.
  2. Dead Link Checker = This is a very powerful online tool. It will detect all broken links from images, external links and more.

The moment I install Broken Link Checker plugin it detected a few broken links. I was not even aware of these broken links.

If you are a blogger like myself, then you know that you update your blog posts and pages regularly. This means that you keep changing links URL, images etc. All these changes are probably linked internally to another page or post. It is extremely challenging to keep up to date with all your internal links. This is how simple it is to have a broken link in your site.

Also remember when you allow commenting in your site some of those comments will have links added. During the life time of your site, commentators websites will change or might not be published online any more. This means you will have broken links in your site and will cause delays in your blog every time someone visits that page or post.

That is why I recommend you to keep checking your site regularly for broken links. This plugin or one of the other online services mentioned above will help you detect for broken links in your site and help you repair them.

What You Need:

Broken Link Checker Tutorials

WordPress Broken Links Steps

Step 1 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker to start configuring the plugin. This plugin also adds an admin menu under Tools. This menu displays all the results from monitoring the website.


Step 1-a ) Broken Links results displayed under Tools -> Broken Links.


Step 2 ) The following image Broken Link Checker Options allows you to set up the following features in the plugin.

  • General
  • Look For Links In
  • Which Links To Check
  • Protocols & APIs
  • Advanced


General Settings

Step 3 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker -> General to set up the following options.


Check each link

  • Every 72 hours (Default hours set 72) = Existing links will be checked this often. New links will usually be checked ASAP.

E-mail notifications

  • Send me e-mail notifications about newly detected broken links
  • Send authors e-mail notifications about broken links in their posts

Notification e-mail address

  • Leave empty to use the e-mail address specified in Settings ? General.

Link tweaks

  • Apply custom formatting to broken links | Edit CSS
  • Apply custom formatting to removed links | Edit CSS
  • Stop search engines from following broken links = These settings only apply to the content of posts, not comments or custom fields.


  • Suggest alternatives to broken links


  • Show uncertain or minor problems as “warnings” instead of “broken” = Turning off this option will make the plugin report all problems as broken links.

Look For Links In Settings

Step 4 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker -> Look For Links In to set up the following options.

Look for links in

  • Blogroll items
  • Comments
  • Custom fields | Configure
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Posts

Post statuses

  • Published
  • Scheduled
  • Draft
  • Pending
  • Private

Which Links To Check Settings

Step 5 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker -> Which Links To Check to set up the following options.

Link types

  • HTML links
  • HTML images
  • Plaintext URLs
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • Embedded YouTube videos (old embed code)
  • Embedded GoogleVideo videos
  • Embedded YouTube playlists (old embed code)
  • Smart YouTube httpv:// URLs
  • Embedded Vimeo videos
  • Embedded DailyMotion videos

Exclusion list

  • Don’t check links where the URL contains any of these words (one per line) :

Protocols & APIs Settings

Step 6 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker -> Protocols & APIs to set up the following options.

Check links using

  • Basic HTTP
  • MediaFire API
  • RapidShare API
  • YouTube API

Advanced Settings

Step 7 ) Go to Settings -> Link Checker -> Advanced to set up the following options.


  • 30 seconds = Links that take longer than this to load will be marked as broken.

Link monitor

  • Run continuously while the Dashboard is open
  • Run hourly in the background

Show the dashboard widget for

  • Administrator
  • Editor and above
  • Nobody (disables the widget)

Show link actions

  • Edit URL
  • Unlink
  • Not broken
  • Dismiss
  • Recheck
  • Fix redirect

Max. execution time

  • 420 seconds (Default settings 420 seconds) = The plugin works by periodically launching a background job that parses your posts for links, checks the discovered URLs, and performs other time-consuming tasks. Here you can set for how long, at most, the link monitor may run each time before stopping.

Server load limit

  • Not available = Load limiting only works on Linux-like systems where /proc/loadavg is present and accessible.

Target resource usage

  • 25% (Default settings 25%)


  • Enable logging

Log file location

  • Default
  • Custom

Forced recheck

  • Re-check all pages  = The “Nuclear Option”. Click this button to make the plugin empty its link database and recheck the entire site from scratch.

I hope the above instructions helps you to set up this very powerful plugin.

Click on the following URL Repair Broken Links to learn more.

You might also like to read my other tutorial using this plugin and Google Webmasters Tools to check and repair broken links which produce 404 page not found errors. This tutorial is more for advance users but I recommend everyone to read it google-webmaster-tools-broken-links-tutorial.

I will be updating this tutorial from time to time. So keep coming back. If you have any question please let me know.


I have been working in IT since 1999 and I enjoy the challenges it brings me. I love developing websites with WordPress. I spend a lot of time helping out in wordpress.org forums. I have been writing tutorials since 2011. Now I am learning how to manage my own VPS "Virtual Private Server.

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