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All In One WP Security And Firewall User Accounts helps you configure the following settings User Login, whitelisting, failed login records, force logout and more.

Last Updated: September 5, 2019

Latest News: I updated the documentation.

When you install WordPress for the first time the admin user created by you or by the automated system adds a user ID and a name that many hackers are aware of. These security vulnerability can be corrected by using the following feature below.

Note: When you install WordPress for the first time, the first admin user name added during the setup is given an ID of 1. The ID of 1 is well known by hackers world wide. A simple solution to change the ID number is to add a second admin user and delete the admin user account with ID of 1. The new admin user will have a different ID number added to the account.

All In One WP Security And Firewall User Accounts

Step 1 ) Go to WP Security -> User Accounts admin tab as illustrated in the image below.


User Accounts

Step 2 ) The following image User Accounts allows you to setup the following settings.

User Accounts Settings

  • WP Username
  • Display Name
  • Password


WP Username

Step 3 ) Go to WP Security -> User Accounts -> WP Username to check the WP usernames in your website. Correcting the following will give you another 15 points towards your security meter. If your settings are correct then you will receive a message No action required!.

(Basic Security Level)


Display Name

Step 4 ) Go to WP Security -> User Accounts -> Display Name to check if the display names and the login name for all your site members are identical. Correcting the following settings will give you another 5 points towards your security meter. If your settings are correct then you will receive a message No action required.

(Basic Security Level)

Note: You might like to check the following URL How To Add New Users To Your WordPress Site Manually to learn more about users display name.



Step 5 ) Go to WP Security -> User Accounts -> Password. The following meter allows you to test the strength of your password.


Troubleshooting Tips And Questions

Q1 ) Is there an ability to force secure passwords?

Solution one: There isn’t a “force secure password” feature at the moment.

This is something which is a candidate to be included in a future release but for now the standard WordPress feature which forces you to acknowledge the use of “weak” passwords will suffice. (Solution provided by wpsolutions.)


Click on the following link User Login to continue configuring the plugins settings.

If you have any questions please let me know


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