KompoZer Tutorial Changelog 2-20


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KompoZer Tutorial Changelog post shows you the work carried out since the beginning of this project.

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KompoZer Tutorial Changelog 2-20

changelog 2.20 June 17, 2015

I have added more images to the layout page and more wording to KompoZer tutorial page.

changelog 2.19 May 26, 2015

I have added another tutorial about Templates.

changelog 2.18 May 25, 2015

I have made changes to enable responsive settings. This will prevent Google from penalizing your website. It also means that your website can be viewed on mobile devices like smartphones, iPhone, Android and Tablets.

changelog 2.17 May 05, 2015

I have re-design the whole tutorial. It is included in my current WordPress website to allow responsive design. This will prevent Google from penalizing me. It also means that anyone wanting to access my tutorials while using s smartphone or mobile device can do so.

2.16 01/12/2014

I changed the header on the title of add-container.html. I also started to change the footer year.

2.15 15/05/2013

Changed the date on the footer for all the webpages and links. I have also edited the front page with a better tutorial description.
I have also secured all the folders ;)

2.14 24/09/2012

Fixed many 404 errors.

2.13 29/05/2012

Added the rest of the tutorials on the left menu, change the display of the right menu and changed the date on the footer

2.12 26/10/2011

Fixed a broken link in add-template.html file on the menu under tutorial it was pointing to the wrong path

2.11 25/09/2011

Added a sitemap

2.10 15/09/2011

Edited some broken links. I have changed my website to joomla 1.7

2.9 1/8/2011

Changed the title and meta description to improve Google search engine

2.8 17/07/2011

Changed the beginning of the tutorial

2.7 14/07/2011

Fix some broken links in add-header.html and 8padding.html

2.6 10/05/2011

Edited some of the wording on komptut.html file

2.5 24/04/2011

Added links to my blog

2.4 14/03/2011

Change the footer date ro read 2009 – 2011 and tweaked some pages and edited some text.

2.3 28/01/2011

Added a new lesson, “How to create a Template”

2.2 2/12/2010

Added lesson 16 how to add photos to the right menu column.

2.1 18/11/2010

Added lesson 15 different colors to the right menu. Added Google Adsense

2.0 13/11/2010

Added lesson 14 a new layout to compliment the header image. Added some more .class to the template-style.css

1.9 11/11/2010

Added lesson13 Add Header Image and implemented a new .class “head”

1.8 05/11/2010

Change all the links from lesson1, lesson2 etc to add-footer, add-header etc to make them SEO friendly. Also changed some of the links in some webpages which said click here to click 2col or 3col etc.

1.7 27/10/2010

A new layout has been implemented with a header, right column and a footer.

1.6 13/10/2010

Added lesson12, how to add a favicon to kompozer and also added a small flash tutorial file created using Wink.

1.5 08/09/2010

Added lesson11 “Left Menu Style”

1.4 11/06/2010

Added lesson10 “Adding Padding”

1.3 10/02/2010

Added lesson9 “Adding Boders”. Added version history to kompoZer tutorial and created a link to the changelog page.

1.2 23/11/2009

Added more information to lesson6 and lesson7. General check and update of some information.

1.1 07/09/2009

Added links at the footer to my site and change the year to 2010. Reworded some of the pages.

1.0 03/06/2009

The initial release of the tutorial.

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