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WordPress SEO Framework General Settings post shows you how to set up the following features Performance, layout and Canonical before you begin to set up the whole plugin.

Last Updated: September 4, 2017

A new option was added in Version 2.8.0 to the already great SEO plugin. This new option allows you to configure the plugins General Settings. This helps you set up the following Performance, Layout and Canonical. You should set up this before you even begin to configure the rest of the plugin.

I am sure this is only the beginning for the General Settings options. I am sure more features will be added in the future as request are made by the WordPress community using this plugin.

WordPress SEO Framework General Settings Steps

Step 1 ) The following image General Settings allows you to set up the following options.

Note: Remember to read more about each feature before you enable it.

  • Layout
  • Performance
  • Canonical



Step 3 ) The Layout tab allows you to enable the following features.


  • Display the SEO Bar in overview tables?
  • Display the SEO Bar in the SEO Settings metabox?


Step 2 ) The Performance tab allows you to enable the following features.

Query Alteration Settings

  • Enable search query alteration? (Added in version 2.9.4)
  • Enable archive query alteration? (Added in version 2.9.4)

Transient Cache Settings

  • Enable automated description output cache?
  • Enable automated Schema output cache?
  • Enable sitemap generation cache?


Step 4 ) The Canonical tab allows you set up and or enable the following features.

Scheme Settings

  • Detect automatically
  • HTTP

Link Relationship Settings

  • Add rel link tags to Posts and Pages?
  • Add rel link tags to Archives?
  • Add rel link tags to the Home Page?

The above is just one more improvement to the plugin, especially the performance part. This is something that many website administrators and website owners worry about. Everyone knows that the faster your site loads the higher are the chances of making a sale, adding a member and more. Speed is very important in SEO. Search Engines love fast loading sites.

Click on the following URL Admin Title Settings to learn more.

If you have any questions please let me know.


The SEO Framework Plugin Tutorial List:

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