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WordPress Plugins Compatibility 4.7.0 report, provides details on the following plugins and the latest stable, alpha, beta or release candidate WordPress version.

Last Updated: March 13, 2017

These are the plugins I use in all my projects when developing websites or blogs. I also use some of these plugin in my blog. Most are free open source plugins found in the WordPress repository but there are a few commercial plugins I highly recommend.

Latest News: I have fixed a broken link. 

First Time Blogging Revision Update Tutorials:

  1. First Time Blogging Revision Update
  2. WordPress Plugins Compatibility

Extremely Important: Remember that some plugins and themes will not be compatible with this version yet. You should create a backup before you upgrade and plugin or theme. Most important you should have a testing platform to carry out all different test. This will prevent you from having issues and or head aches from your website crashing.

You can always use the following plugin Better Plugin Compatibility Control which is also added to my list below. This will give you a head start by letting you know if your plugins are compatible with the latest version. Once you have completed the check and updated to the latest version, you can disable or remove the plugin.

Important Information: All these plugins work with Suffusion theme. You must update Suffusion theme to version 4.4.9. If you are still using version 4.4.6, then you will have an issue when you try to save your settings. 


WordPress Plugins Compatibility Steps

The following plugins have been tested with the current WordPress version 4.7.0. However I have not done an extensive test on some of the plugins. If I find any issues or the issues are being reported in the plugin forum, I will report here for you to read.

The following URL Release Archives shows you all the versions released by WordPress since the beginning.

I only add the plugins that are well supported, are continually updated, have no security issues and they receive prompt replies by the developers or other WordPress community supporters. If you find a plugin added to the list and it is contrary to the above, it is because the plugin still works well, does what is meant to do and it does not represent a security issue.

You might also be interested in checking any WordPress plugin that you choose to installed in your website that is not included in my list below. I recommend the following URL Packet Storm Security. This website does a superb job at finding any security or vulnerability in WordPress plugins. However let me assure you that the WordPress moderators and developers do a great job in monitoring and temporarily removing a plugin from the repository if it has security issues until the plugin authors create a patch to secure the plugin.

WordPress Plugins Legend

WordPress Version Legend:

  • Current Version: Royal Blue color, these plugins are compatible with the current stable version 4.7.0.
  • Previous Stable Version: Purple color, these plugins are compatible with the previous stable version 4.6.1.
  • Old Versions Need To Upgrade: Black color information, these plugins are compatible with versions 4.5.4, 4.4.2 and 4.3.3.
  • Development Version: Navy Blue color, these plugins are compatible with Alpha, Beta and RC versions. Current development version 4.8 Alpha.
  • Red information, is for your own interest and extra information on individual plugins.

Information: Always remember to try and not have too many plugins added to your website or blog. The more plugins you add the more request and processing resources it requires to use from your server!!!

Please read the following link Help Support WordPress Plugins And Themes Developers to help support the developers.

WordPress Plugins Compatibility List

If you don’t know how to install a plugin, please click on the following URL How To Install WordPress Plugins.

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate
  3. Anti-Spam
  4. Audio Player
  5. Backup
  6. Broken Link Checker
  7. Business Directory
  8. Cache
  9. Contact Forms
  10. Custom CSS
  11. Data Tables
  12. Debug Troubleshooting
  13. Donation
  14. Event Organizer
  15. Lightbox
  16. Manage Emails Notification
  17. Management
  18. Manage WordPress Admin
  19. Manage WordPress Media Library
  20. Members
  21. Mobile
  22. Optimize CSS And JS
  23. Optimize Database
  24. Optimize Images
  25. Performance
  26. Pricing Tables
  27. Redirect
  28. RSS Feed
  29. Security
  30. SEO
  31. Shopping Cart
  32. Slideshow And Image
  33. SMTP Mailer
  34. Social Network
  35. Social Sharing Buttons
  36. Subscription
  37. SSL Checking
  38. Taxonomy Filtering
  39. Tracking Code
  40. Translation
  41. Visual Editor


This list will change from time to time and it will grow with more plugins added. Please keep coming back to review the changes and additions.

If you have a questions please let me know


Manuel Ballesta RuizManuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

  10 Responses to “WordPress Plugins Compatibility”

  1. It is good to be updated when it comes to wordpress plug-ins. You will be able to secure and harden your blog security by always updating these things.

    • Thank you James for your comment. Keeping plugins up to date is very important for the stability and security of your WordPress website.

  2. Hello Manuel,

    Thank you for your great introduction to the WP Plugins you are using. It help us a lot as we are new into WP. We normally use Joomla.

    There is one Plugin for SEO I am missing on your list All-in-One-SEO-Package or WordPress SEO by Yoast. I had hope to find one of them on your list to help us deciding which one we shall use.

    • Hello Jason, thank you for your comment. Sorry I missed adding WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is the plugin that I recommend for SEO and it works extremely well with my theme, suffusion. If you require any more information please let me know. I will be glad to assist you further and helping you with WordPress. I also have worked and still work with Joomla. Both platforms are great but WordPress wins me over all the time :)

  3. A family member linked me to your resource. Thanks for the details.

  4. Hello Manuel
    Can you help me?
    I want to protect my Website with Better WP Security but i am confused in the settings. I mean what options should i enable?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Hello vsg24, yes I agree there are many settings to configure with Better WP Security. First thing first, 1) Enable the plugin and under dashboard make sure you select default settings then just keep track of what the dashboard says and you will know which other options to enable or not. Also make sure you create a backup before you install this plugin just in case it breaks your website.

      If you need more specific settings simply let me know which area you wish to know more about and I will share with your my configuration.

      Kind regards

  5. I want to install a simple page like counter plugin with no comments option that is compatible with WordPress 3.7.1, where people simply go to my page click the like button and the count appears beside the button on the page. I have Jetpack which gives me a like button on each page which requires people to sign in to WordPress. I want to know whether they like my pages – not WordPress. Please advise.

    • Hello Ian Coburn thank you for your question. The only plugin that I know of is It has not been tested with WordPress 3.7.1 but the developer is very active. It does state that it is compatible with WordPress 3.6.1 and it was updated on the 21-10-2013. I would test this on a testing site first unless you trust it and test it on your website. Always create a backup just in case something goes wrong.

      Kind regards

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