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Last Updated: September 04, 2015

Integrate CataBlog Into Your Theme tutorial, will show you how to integrate Catablog into your theme using two files.

Latest News: I have added another link to the menu below.

There is a public option in Catablog that allows you to integrate your catablog into your theme. Each catalog item and category will be given a permalink.

There are two files you need to add to your theme folder to allow for this control. Most themes nowadays have a single.php and archive.php file. The two files you will be creating act similar to the aforementioned files.

The files to add:

  • Single CataBlog Item Page: single-catablog-items.php
  • CataBlog Category Archive: taxonomy-catablog-terms.php

To read about these options plus more please check Zach’s website for more information.

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Integrate CataBlog Into Your Theme Steps

Step 1 ) Download to your hard disk a copy of your single.php and your archive.php file from the server.

Step 2 ) Create the two files mentioned above in “The files to add” locally. Open the single.php file and copy and paste the content into your single-catablog-items.php file. Open your archive.php file and copy and paste the content into your taxonomy-catablog-terms.php file. If you don’t have an archive.php file then use the single.php file.

Step 3 ) Upload the two files to your server and into your sites theme path. For example /wp-content/theme/yourtheme.

Step 4 ) Make sure that you have enabled the following CataBlog Options. Go to WP-Admin >> CataBlog >> Options >> Public and Enable Individual Pages and Category Archives.

Important: Remember if you want to configure the output in your theme, you need to add the correct php code to fetch CataBlog’s data. Refer to Zach’s website link above. 

Step 5 ) Test your results by adding the following shortcode [catablog] into your page or post.

What ever editing you enter into the two files you created and uploaded to your /wp-content/theme/yourtheme path, will be displayed when viewing your products on your website. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Click on the following URL Custom Display CataBlog Items In Suffusion Theme to continue.

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