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Install WordPress Locally Using Xampp tutorial will show you how to set up Xampp locally in a laptop or desktop and install WordPress and more.

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

Latest News: I have reworded the information and added new URLs to the list.

For those who are developers and love WordPress know how important it is to test any site you build to make sure it is working correctly. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up Xampp and install WordPress. You will also learn how to test a live website locally by importing the database into Xampp.

The security part of Xampp no longer applies because it was removed by Xampp developers. They said that Xampp is already secured enough to run locally.

This tutorial was written using Windows operating system. It also has been tested using the following versions Windows 7, 8.1, 10. 

Xampp released control Panel v3.2.2. (This control panel was released in November 12, 2015)

Note: Remember that your local Xampp installation might be running a different version of Apache, PHP and MySQL. Keep this in mind if you intend to upload the locally developed site into your live server.

Note: For security reasons if you are still running Windows 7 make sure you have service pack 1 installed. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 January 14, 2020. You can read more about it from the following URL Windows end of life cycle.

Install WordPress Locally Using Xampp

What you need:

  1. Xampp
  2. WordPress

Xampp Tutorials:

  1. Install Xampp Locally For WordPress
  2. Create MySQL Database Locally Using Xampp
  3. Install WordPress Locally Page Two
  4. Install WordPress Locally Security Setup
  5. Test Your WordPress Site Locally(Optional)
  6. Import Database (Optional)
  7. Edit WP Config File (Optional)

If you have any question please let me know. I will be updating these tutorials from time to time so make sure you come back for the latest.

I hope these tutorials help you.


WordPress Setup Tutorial List:

Manuel Ballesta RuizManuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

  6 Responses to “Install WordPress Locally Using Xampp”

  1. Also need to add post_max_size=128M to php ini file

    • Hello John, thank you for your comment. Yes I see your point in adding post_max_size=128m, if you read at the beginning you will notice that I have also added that option. I will have to make it more clear.

      Kind regards

  2. Nice tutorial. Complete information on wp installation.

  3. it is the one of the way 2 create the database but there are several ways 2 create the database in xampp server

    • Hello Kalaivanan, thank you for your comment. Yes you are correct there are several ways to create a database. In Xampp this is the best method to create a database. This method is the same method implemented when creating a new database using phpMyAdmin in cpanel on a live server.

      Kind regards

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