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Last Updated: January 25, 2016

Catablog Options Lightbox Settings shows you how to enable lightbox and change the settings to show your images or photos in your website with a lightbox effect.  

Latest News: I have updated the URL and information.

Catablog Lightbox Settings Steps

Step 1 )  Go to CataBlog -> Options -> LightBox to set up and enable the following options. See image below.

  • Enable LightBox
  • LightBox Navigation – Combine All ShortCodes
  • Render a new image to be used for the lightbox
  • LigthBox Size
  • LightBox jQuery Selector
  • Once you have finished make sure you click on Save Changes button.


Step 2 )  Next image displays the images in a post or page using the following shortcode.

  • [ catablog_gallery id=”57″ ] (Note: You migth choose a different shortcode and your id will be different.)

When we click on the cleanup image the light box will start. catablog-lightbox-settings-shortcode

Step 3 )  Next image displays the LightBox starting on the browser.


Step 4 ) You should now see the LightBox slideshow displayed on the browser with the Next button on the bottom right hand corner. Once you start scrolling along the slideshow you will also see the Previous button as well. See image below.

Note: In order to see the navigation buttons on the slideshow you must select the following LightBox Navigation – Combine All ShortCodes as pointed out in Step 1 ) above.


Click on Options Export to continue with the next tutorial.

You might like to check the following URL CataBlog Lightbox Title Permanently Displayed Tutorial for advanced lightbox settings.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has helped you with Catablog.

If you have any question please let me know.


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