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WordPress Web Design is our preferred CMS “Content Management System” platform to use. We love WordPress and have spent many years understanding and managing this great CMS. There are many free themes in the wordpress website. We prefer Suffusion one of the most versatile Free theme available in the market with more than 30,000 (Date Checked December 16, 2015) downloads.

Last Updated: June 27, 2017

You can always choose your own free theme from wordpress.org/themes or choose a commercial theme. We have added a link below for the commercial themes we recommend. The price of the overall project will increase if a commercial theme or commercial plugins are requested. There are many plugins to choose from and it can become a bit daunting for many. That is why we have written our own post WordPress Plugin Compatibility, which provides a list of plugins we have tested and we recommend for you to choose from. These plugins are selected for the following reasons, Many downloads, good reviews, good support, have been on the market for a while and most important are kept up to date with the latest WordPress version.

Security and backup plugins are extremely important, that is why the first plugins we install and set up are security and backup plugins from our blog post above. If you have a preferred security, backup or other plugin let us know so that we can investigate further before we go ahead and install it.

The rest of the plugins will be added depending on the website or blog you want us to develop for example if you request an image website, e-commerce website, a simple blog, a membership website or other.  To further understand what is required before you begin to develop a website or blog, you might like to read our post first-time-blogging-revision-update.

If you have any questions please let us know by contacting us from the link below. We are here to assist you and help you get your website or blog online as soon as possible.

Below is a list of host we recommend when developing websites and blogs using WordPress. The host below have also been recommended by wordpress.org, other website developers,  many in the community and have a great reputation.

Recommend Host:

  1. Justhost, The host I am currently using for this website.
  2. Bluehost, Bluehost and Justhost are sister companies. Bluehost is at the top of the list in wordpress.org website.
  3. Inmotionhosting, This hosting company is recommended by many website developers.
  4. Hostgator is a very well known and reputable hosting company.
  5. Dreamhost is very reliable and has many different plans i.e. shared host, VPS host, dedicated server and cloud.
  6. WP Engine is a hassle-free WordPress hosting environment which helps you with your speed, security, support and it is fully managed.
  7. www.dedicatedsolutions.com Provide some great services like Dedicated Servers, Private Clouds and much more.

There will be a 30% deposit before we begin the project.

Cost Structure:

A website or blog with a few pages, posts including a standard contact form, can be as little as $1299 US Dollars including registration of the domain and hosting for 1 year. See note below for the extra cost involved.

Important: We don’t include a table for you to choose from. We focus on customization and more. There are too many variations when it comes to web developing. We prefer a more personal approach and encourage you the client to contact us with your requirements. We then do a cost analysis and report back to you letting you know the over all cost of the project.

WordPress websites are developed using themes. If the theme is free no extra cost will be added for the theme. If you choose a commercial theme then the cost of the commercial theme will be added to the final cost.

Commercial Themes:

StudioPress Theme of the Month

Free WordPress Default Themes Twenty Family

WordPress has a number of default themes that begin with the name Twenty. These themes are always updated to work with the latest WordPress version released. If you can’t find a theme you like in the repository, then simply using one of these default themes will give a head start.They are clean, simple and almost bug free. Remember they are updated by the WordPress community.

Theme Twenty Family List


Please click on the following link contact mbrsolution, for a personal quote.

(Note: The more pages i.e. special contact forms, photo galleries, eCommerce setup and more will increase the cost. Register of a domain name is subject to availability. Cost is $55 per hour for any extra work carried out)

If you are only interested in us managing your WordPress website, blog or SEO check the following URL WordPress Website Seo Management to learn more.

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Manuel Ballesta RuizManuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.