WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin


WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin helps you sell items in your online store and more. This plugin has many add-ons and third party plugins.

Last Updated: April 11, 2018


If you want to sell online securely, then look no further. This is the plugin for you. WooCommerce is powerful, sleek and an up to date WordPress shopping cart plugin. This plugin allows you to sell any type of digital products and services from your WordPress site securely.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular shopping cart plugins in WordPress repository. This plugin is easy to set up when you first install it. Easy to configure with proper instructions. Very powerful shopping cart with tons of options, plugins, add-ons and many themes that are already built for this plugin.

The developers keep adding more add-ons as request are being made by users from time to time. This is an advantage for the user. It also has a great support staff constantly answering all your questions in the forum.

Note: You should take precaution when a major version update is released. You should wait until all the bugs are fixed before updating to the latest version unless it is a security fix.

WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin

Latest version WooCommerce 3.3.5 changelog

  • Fix – Shop page notice should not appear when edting the “Hello World!” page.
  • Fix – Inconsistent order item refund sign.
  • Fix – Change wc_get_price_excluding_tax to not round the return value so calculations in admin are not pre-rounded.
  • Fix – Use minimum price instead of maximum price when ordering variable products from low to high on term archives.
  • Fix – order and orderby on shop page when using rewrite rules.
  • Fix – Ajax loading spinner when using twentyseventeen theme.
  • Fix – Out of Stock products change stock to On Backorder when imported to update existing products.
  • Fix – Visibility dropdown not responding in quick edit when stock management is disabled.
  • Fix – Featured paramenter in products endpoint on REST API.
  • Fix – Linebreaks in order item meta.
  • Fix – Product rating count when updated by admin.
  • Tweak – Define array before attempting to append to it.
  • Tweak – Change WC WP-CLI commands default per_page value to 100.
  • Tweak – Ensure background process class returns data as an array.
  • Tweak – Increase orders table checkbox column size on small devices.
  • Tweak – Better support for infinite scroll in Jetpack.

You can check all changelog versions from the following URL woocommerce master CHANGELOG.

The following list of tutorials will guide you and help you set up your online store. There is also a troubleshooting link with solutions, fixes, tips and more.

What You Need:

WordPress WooCommerce Plugin Tutorials:

  1. How To Install WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Understanding System Status Report
  3. General Settings
  4. Product Settings
  5. Checkout Settings
  6. Accounts Settings
  7. How To Add WooCommerce Default Pages To Theme Menu
  8. Install Free Theme Storefront
  9. Customize Storefront Theme
  10. How To Add Products
  11. Troubleshooting

I will be adding more information and more tutorials in the future. So make sure you bookmark this page and keep coming back for the latest.


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