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Template Toaster Software WordPress page will show you how simple it is to design themes for WordPress websites and much more.

I have been designing themes using Suffusion for all my clients including this website. However at the present Suffusion has not been updated and I am not sure what the future holds for this great framework. I hope someone takes on the project.

In the mean time I have started looking for alternatives just in case Suffusion is not updated and came across Template Toaster. It will achieve most of what Suffusion currently does. The difference so far is one runs locally as a software and Suffusion frameworks works within your site. The other factor is Suffusion is 100% free and Template Toaster comes at a price.

I will share with you how to manage and work with Template Toaster software to design themes. I will try and compare Template Toaster with Suffusion just in case you are a Suffusion user and supporter.

Also bare in mind that paying for a software or theme is a good value for your business as long as it meets your needs. It also helps the developers to keep on working on the themes or software.


Template Toaster Software WordPress

Template Toaster WordPress Tutorials

  1. Design WordPress Themes
  2. Export Template Toaster Theme And Import Into WordPress
  3. Customize Options
  4. Add Slideshow

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There will be more tutorials coming soon. So make sure you keep coming back for the latest.


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