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Design WordPress Themes Using TemplateToaster Software post will show you how simple it is to design a theme for your WordPress site using TemplateToaster.

I have been designing themes using Suffusion for all my clients including this website. However at the present Suffusion has not been updated and I am not sure what the future holds for this great framework. I hope someone takes on the project. In the mean time I have started looking for alternatives just in case Suffusion is not updated and came across TemplateToaster. It will achieve most of what Suffusion currently does. The only difference so far is the cost. Suffusion is 100% free and TemplateToaster comes at a price.

I will share with you how manage and work with TemplateToaster software to design themes and will try and compare it with Suffusion just in case you are a Suffusion user and supporter.

Also bare in mind that paying for a software is good as long as it meets your needs. It also helps the developers to keep on working on the themes or software.


Design WordPress Themes Using TemplateToaster Software

Step 1 ) First you need to purchase the software or download the trial version and play around with the software until you are comfortable and ready to make the purchase. Remember you can take your time to make sure this is what you are looking for.

Click on the following URL templatetoaster.com to download or purchase the software.

Step 2 ) Once you have downloaded the software and install it in your computer/ laptop, click on the desktop icon. You will see the following screen. You have two options.


  • WordPress
  • WordPress with content


Step 2-a ) If you choose WordPress you will see the following message pop up.


You will see the following on the side of the software when it starts.

Page Template

  • index
  • PageTemplate


Step 2-b ) If you choose WordPress with content you will see the following message pop up. If you choose WordPress with content you will be able to design the content of your pages.


You will see the following on the side of the software when it starts. You can see the difference from the above starting with WordPress only. You have the following options to edit and design.


  • Home
  • About Us
  • Contact


  • Blog

Page Template

  • PageTemplate


Select Template Option

Step 3 ) Once you have selected the above you will then get the following option to select from one of the followings.

  • Start From Scratch
  • Go With Sample Templates


Step 4 ) Once you have set up the above you will then get the following option to select the color scheme, font, other colors, height and more for your template from the following options.

  • Choose Color Scheme
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Success
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Danger
  • Font Family
  • Font Size
  • Line Height
  • Click on Start button when you are ready.

Note: When you click on one of the options above a popup will show letting you choose from a list or drop down menu.


Step 5 ) Once you have selected all of the above and you are ready to start designing your template, the software will open up and display a menu structure and layout as illustrated in the following image.

For most of you this is very similar to a word processor. This is like Microsoft Word and or a WYSIWYG editor. Most of you will be familiar with the menu structure and how to operate and manage the settings.


There will be more tutorials coming soon.

Keep coming back for more.


Manuel Ballesta RuizManuel Ballesta Ruiz is a web developer, Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast.

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