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The following post How To Update AMD Acer Laptop Drivers In Windows 10, shows you how to update AMD drivers in Windows 10 and make other changes to further improve Acer laptop performance.

Last Updated: January 22, 2018

Latest News: I have added more information and corrected some spelling.

This is the second part tutorial for improving Acer Aspire E5-523G-90QW laptop. Remember this laptop has 8 GB of ram and an AMD A9-9410 cpu with turbo core technology.

In this tutorial I will show you how to update the AMD driver and remove some startup programs and more to further improve Acer laptop performance.

Note: The procedures below should work with any type of laptop that uses an AMD processor. The instructions about disabling startup tools, programs etc should work with any laptop and desktop running Windows 10.

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How To Update AMD Acer Laptop Drivers In Windows 10

Step 1 ) On the previous tutorial you learned how to recover your Acer laptop and have Windows 10 run smoothly and with out any driver issues. Now is time to update the AMD drivers from amd.com site.

Step 2 ) To determine what hardware and specs for your laptop click on the following URL auto-detect-tool to download and install the following tool radeon-software-adrenalin-17.12.2-minimalsetup-171219_web. This tool will detect your hardware and download the correct drivers for your laptop.

Step 3 ) Once the AMD drivers are installed, reboot your laptop and you will notice a difference in performance. You should also notice less resources being used in your laptop. You should see the following AMD Radeon Settings options when your right click on your desktop. This allows you to control and play around with the settings.


Step 4 ) It is time to start removing unnecessary tools, programs etc from start up. Click on the following URL Ccleaner to download and learn more about Ccleaner.

The following image shows you a list of tools, programs enabled and disabled at startup using ccleaner. It is up to you what you want to enable and disable at start up.

Do not disable vital tools or programs like security software which is needed to monitor your systen. In my setup I have Windows Defender running and Realtek Semiconductor running at start up. That is all I really need.

Note: The more tools, programs you have running at startup the more time it takes for your laptop to boot up. It will also use more resources to run these tools in the background. 


Step 5 ) The following image shows you the People app running on the taskbar. I am sure not many of you will be using this app. So why not disable it from the taskbar?


Step 5-a ) Click on Start -> Settings -> Personalization -> Taskbar -> People and disable People app as illustrated in the following image from the taskbar.


Step 5-c ) The following image shows you all the apps pinned to the taskbar. In this case there is only Windows Start, Cortana, Task View and File Explorer. (This is how I have my laptop setup). You might like to have more apps running on your taskbar, that is entirely up to you. Remember the more apps running on your taskbar the more resources it will use.


Step 5-d ) The following image shows you all the apps running in the background and displayed in the Show hidden icons area. In this case there is only Windows Defender Security Center running. (This is how I have my laptop setup). You might have more apps running on the background. Remember this can be controlled via Ccleaner as mentioned in Step 4 ) above.

Task Manager

Step 6 ) After carrying out all the above you can now start testing the performance of your Acer laptop. Open Task Manager to see how your laptop is performing. In the following image you can see the performance is very good.

The following tools, applications and browsers are resource hungry.

Currently Running

  • Google Chrome
  • SeaMonkey
  • xampp-control


Step 7 ) It is now time to create your third laptop backup. This backup includes the AMD drivers and removing of apps from the taskbar and disabling tools from running at startup.

Acer Aspire Laptop Conclusion

So now you should have three backups in total ready for any disaster recovery. The first one with bare minimum drivers, the second with a fully functioning system but not totally optimized and the third one with the AMD drivers and the adjustments of apps and tools from the system for better peformance. These 3 backups provide you with a choice to recover your system.

That is all you have to do to have your Acer laptop run at optimum performance and with a great recovery plan ready just in case of an emergency.

The following links can also help you improve the laptop performance.

Note: There are other actions you can take to further improve your system. But the above should help you achieve this.

I will be updating this tutorial in the future. So keep coming back for the latest updates.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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